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My name is Cassidy. I am 16 from Canada.I love fashion, sewing and just being creative in general
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101 Dalmations (by Cassidy A)#cute #vintage 
Getting ready for Summer!

I have been thinking about what I should do for my independent study next year. At first I wanted to organize a charity fashion show but now I think I might try to make a class dedicated to Bloggin/Vlogging. Can I get away with that?! I love blogging/vlogging so much but with all of the hub bub of school and lack of technology I find it really hard, so I thought I could just MAKE MY OWN CLASS where everyday I can come in and prepare videos and DIY posts and outfit posts and also make units for myself to study how social media works and write articles for different blogs. I could just totally dedicate one hour of everyday into doing what I love and then maybe at the end I could do a presentation to a media class or something. YAY I’M EXCITED! 





Everything about this is perfect, the way she kisses him and the way he looks at her.
Peter pan.

best gif ever. wow. seriously :’)

my heart completely melts for this omfg

sTOP i remember being so jealous watching this when i was little


(via A happy year 2012 on Behance)

In the Sims, you don’t say, “I love you.” You say, “Habadu bashubi,” which roughly translates to, “I cannot move because there is furniture in the way.” I think that’s absolutely beautiful.


Moss Gellar
Rake-l Greenthumb
Grow-e Tribbiani
Pheobe Bouquet
Frondica Gellar
Chrysanthemum Bing

(What I did in Bio today while learning about Ferns/Fronds)


this picture makes me cry